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Seams Like Olde Tymes

Want to look like a Queen?
Or a King?

We specialize in period costumes.

    Tired of ill fitting over priced Renaissance wear? Looking for something besides the NeoRenaissance/Gothic wear most vendors sell? Need something that will actually fit YOUR "all"? Looking for a truly unique wedding gown? Seams Like Olde Tymes strives to give you historically accurate, well made, properly sized garments for your wearing pleasure. Special sizes are not a problem. We have some ready made garments available, but we do custom orders as well.

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About the Owner

     Growing up with a Depression era Mother meant that I learned many of the "old" talents, including sewing. By the time I hit puberty, I was tremendously grateful as I wore a misses size 12 bottom and a women's size 44 top. Nothing off the rack fit, so I learned to make patterns fit my odd figure, and also what silhouettes flattered my less than dainty figure.
    Since I have been sewing from the age of seven I offer 31 years sewing experience giving you quality work, done with skill.

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