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T-Shirts for People who wear them,
or use them to polish stuff.

We are
Very Sorry,
VERY, Very

Shirts are $19.95 US plus $12.00 shipping in the USA for up to three shirts
XXlarge and XXXlarge add $2.00 per shirt, shipping is the same price

Modesty Love is Blind Reprobate

Pass Ion Evergreen Armageddon

Nothing to Say Stoned is the Way of the Walk Racism Sucks I'm With Death

Friedrich Nietzsche Gravity Vampires Suck skate or die

What Would Marx Do? Our Logo S.I.C.K.

The InFamous Line

Albert Fish The Black Plague Saturdaynight Special Ed gein

The Latin Line

Latin is a language,
Dead as Dead Can Be,
First it Killed the Romans,
Now It's Killing Me.

But who does not want to sound like a doctor?
Well maybe not like Dr. Carson...

peccavi oderint dum metuant mea culpa mens rea

non compos mentis Nunc Est Bibendum sua cuique voluptas Radix Lecti

The Politics Line

It is the political season
Like every election it is full lof hope, fear and bull.
Every election season seems like the strangest, but this one Trumps them all.

Vote Early Elect Me

The Religion Line

Damn Christians Fan Club Play God Glad God

Space Available Left Behind

The Sweet Line

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All t-shirts are printed by hand on 100% cotton shirts
with non-toxic ink

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Poetry Corner

Rusty Razor Designs of Hawai`i was founded by cousins of descendants of
neighbors of immigrants from the south-land who had Elvis bag their
groceries. Seeking creative freedom from the oppressive forces of the
dominant corporate imperial empires, which had been roaming the Great
Plains since replacing the herds of what we now know were actually

Where was I?
Oh, yea, we print t-shirts.
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